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Our own immune system Is able to cure you of cancer.

As an international medical service company, we are at the patient’s disposal in conjunction with their doctors.


We will help you to fight cancer diseases.


  • Immunological, ambulatory cancer treatment with autologous dendritic cells (autologous = body’s own)


  • Partner-Laboratory Services in Germany

Manufacturing of the autologous cell suspensions.


  • Medical Services

Logistics between laboratory and practice/clinic.

Assistance in finding another medical specialist / doctor.


  • Service for handling the costs between patient, practice and, if applicable, the health insurances.

Treatment Options

Diagnosis Cancer


A biological, highly complex organism, as that human one, consists of many billions of cells.

Those cells proliferate up to 1 million times a day.


Mutations of cells can lead to a tumour heart. If the immune system does not intervene and does not recognize the tumour at an early stage, uncontrolled growth of cancer cells occurs.

From a localized tumour a tumour lesion arises, penetrates the tissue boundaries, invades other organs, and even forms new blood vessels.


Finally, small cell assemblies of the starting origin lesion, e.g. via the blood, will be spread even to remote placed organs, where they form tumour settlements (metastases), which often grow even faster than the initial lesion of the tumour.

The Immune System


Our immune system is generally able to fight the daily occurring, up to 8 malignant tumours.

Too often, however, our immune system is too much weakened, with the result that cells can degenerate.


Based on these findings and scientific evaluations and studies, many medical professionals are trying to help their patients with medicines, vitamins, minerals and trace elements to strengthen the immune system.


Complementary medicine is also gaining in importance for the reconstruction of the immune system. The fact that the dendritic cells can be grown outside the body stimulates scientific research.

Dendritic cells are cells which constantly patrol in the body tissue and detect foreign cell structures.

Immunology and Cancer


An immune therapy with dendritic cells turns classic cancer therapy upside down:

Without great side effects, produced from the own blood (= autologous) and without the danger of being repelled by the immune system. The cancer is invisible to the immune system because it is mutated from its own cell. Normally, the immune system intervenes and combats the foreign body.

Since the tumour cell can camouflage, a weakened immune system can no longer attack. Nowadays, we have the medical skills to grow smallest cells outside the body or to produce high-purity tumour material for addressing the cells. The key to the success of a personalized cancer therapy is the production of autologous cell suspensions (means, it is based on body’s own cells). We give the immune system the necessary addresses to fight the tumour (without surgery, just by an immunological job).

The Partner-Laboratory in Germany


The highly specialized laboratory team for immunology offers all possibilities for an optimal and sustainable cancer therapy.


The naive precursor cells of the dendritic cells are required for a natural cancer therapy and are separated from the whole blood of the patient and processed to an autologous, to be injected cell suspension.


  • A fully biological cancer therapy
  • Without additives or foreign substances
  • No incompatibility or rejection
  • Almost without any side effects
  • Outpatient therapy at a family doctor, a medical specialist, a naturopath or a clinic
  • Multiple applications
  • Primary therapy for small-cell, medium-sized or inoperable tumours
  • Accompanying therapy for the reduction of known side effects in standard therapies (chemotherapy and radiotherapy)
  • Ideal follow-up therapy after cancer surgeries
  • Can be temporally combined very well with other ongoing therapies (e.g. during chemotherapy, mistletoe therapy or radiotherapy)


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About us

IMMUMEDIC Servicios Médicos is an international medical service company with a Partner-laboratory in Germany and stands for all logistic- and laboratory-relevant services with the various tumour diseases.


Our team of specialists, such as medical specialists, geneticists and lab technicians, are well familiar in providing the best possible treatment for the patients in order to achieve the best possible cure. (continuing)

Please note that we are not allowed to provide medical advice. If you have any questions, please contact your treating physician or medical practitioner.

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